MOGÉP Ltd.’s activity divides up into two parts.

Fabrication of lawn-mower knives for large-scale and lawn-mower for garden machines

more than 500 kinds – almost for all the types of machines that are passable within the country, as well as the manufacture of the components of the agricultural machines are as follows:
-    Agricultural machines – Rotary cultivators, rotational hoes, cultivators
-    Harvester machines – Silo parts,rotational grass scythers, combines
-    Sowing machines – seed disc
-    Slope and berm scythes – Y knives, stirrup, edge-bolt, hard-knife
-    Feed agitators
-    Stem crushers, shredders – with a horizontal and vertical axis
-    Grinders – Grinder hammers
As the stock of our products we use 51 CrV rolled spring steel on warmth with 4 qualities,or steel which can be ennobled,and the measure of the improvement by breeding characteristically 42-46 HRC. The production happens based on original drawings or a sample.

Component wholesale trade

We started the Hungarian distribution of Ratioparts GmbH full supply of goods in 2006.