Company info


Our  elder,  ’MOGÉP’ Economic Association was founded 28 March 1983, on the strength of deed of association – with the founder members ,Földváry Péter and Takáts Attila – registered by the Registry Court of Győr. In Győr,in the street of Szérüskert,in a territory of a 24 m2 - work-room,the enterprise started with the production of bicycles,co- and motor-cycle  ,cyclettes,lown-mowers,engine- driven dorsal sprayers, rototillers. Still through  the first year we were ready with the first hundred lawn-mower knives for the order of the HERMES ÁFÉSZ.


We made a lease with car-service that situated on the transportage of ELEKTROMOBIL  Car mechanic Subsidiary company,where we improved our activity with under,-over engine-cleaning, greasing,oil-changing,under-body and hole protection ,and OLVIKOR under-body. The meantime,we improved the construction of the two opening types,and the annual production of a couple of hundred lawn-mower knives.


GMK flared with two new full-time members,Koch Gábor and Sólymos Zoltán.


two years after we dissolved the contract with the ELEKTROMOBIL, and we definitively returned to the lawn-mowers,respectively to their knives. In the meantime,we transfered our premise,to one of GMK’s  member’s own gardens,to its workshop.

Because of the lack of own machines that would be necessary for the production, (guillotine-shears, eccentric press, grinding machine etc.), we hired unexploited machines from companies with free capacity in Győr and its neighbourhood,and from TSZ.’s (Production Association) sidelines. Földváry Péter resigned from GMK.


We made a lease with  ’Győr és Környéke Vízmű- és Fürdővállalat’ ( Győr and its Neighbourhood Water-and Bath Company),and we started to build an own premise and a workshop as well.


We took  our actual premise under possession – Győr, 15/a Street Gyepszél – where a workshop with 260 m2, social institutions, office, covered waste-pile with 200m2, own machines, 6 pieces of eccentric presses, from 6 tons to 250 tons, 3000 mm cutting-width guillotine-shears, surface grinder, boring-machines,milling machines ; cutting,-puncturing,- stamping dies for squaring the knives, are available.


The form of our enterprise changed to Ltd. on 1st of January.


Koch Gábor left the company and commenced a new firm with our two ex-staffs.


Despite the difficulties of the initial years–by the continuous expansion of goods-, we reached that our products can already been found in the Hungarian market of the cutting knives for lawnmowers .
We merchandise our products via our commercial partners as spare parts, and we deliver to manufacturers. About 22 % of our annual  production is merchandised in the territory of the European Union, at our English, German, Czech and Slovakian partners.

According to our partners' expectation, keeping qualitative requirements on  high level  we introduced the ISO 9001:2001 quality management system.


We started the Hungarian distribution of the full supply of goods of Ratioparts GmbH.
We passed the first revisionary survey of  ISO 9001:2001 quality control sytem.


The ’MOGÉP’ enterprise is 25 years old!

The ISO 9001:2001 quality control sytem reformatory survey succesfully befell.


In the interest of the faster and more reliable transportation, Sprinter Futárszolgálat ( courier service) sends our packets to you.

Warning system, fire- alarm and monitoring by camera were installed by Kálovics Géza.
The Security Patent Kft. ensures the 24-hour tele-observing of our enterprise.

We are waiting for our old and new clients with our reformed homepage that is complemented with a module of newsletter and with so many useful councils.