Important information before you begin to mow the lawn!

Mowing may seem like child's play, but if not done properly might damage the beautiful lawn in our garden. 
Mowing the lawn is determined by the appearance of fundamentally. If you follow the following general guidelines to simultaneously increase the grassy health and visual appreciation. 

Make sure the mower blade blur!

Mowing the lawn with blunt knife permanently damage the drive letter. After cutting the leaves of the grass and the leaves will soon megszürkül mountain yellow brown, the fringe is cut from damage within 48 hours. The dull knife not cutting, but interrupted the blades of grass, which dries causes white gauzy look. 

How often do you mow?

This is determined by the growth rate, which depends on the quality of the soil, the frequency of watering several times rather than fewer. Do not have the length of the grass cut 1/3-ánál more. The grass is cut on a weekly basis about the same size. If you are too shot up, cut two more phases. 

How high to mow your lawn?

For new grass, the first mowing done about .6-8 cm / very sharp knife /. The cutting height is not more than 5 cm shorter, because of the small fibers tear-out of the rotating blades. 
The generally recommended cutting height 4-6 cm. During the summer months the grass resistance increased by less sheared. 

Collect or Not?

As a rule of thumb, it is always possible to remove grass clippings from the area. The nutritional supplements we can not guarantee the cut grass! 


There is the so-called. mulching technique, but it's just some fűfajtáknál and frequent, regular shear potential.In a mulching lawn mowing - lawn mower, the clippings repeatedly chopped up and spread evenly onto the cut surface. The chopped grass is removed from the soil, slowing its dryness and komposztálódva natural green fertilizer improves the structure of soil nutrient supply. 

Keep the following in mind:

- Do not let birch morning dew, wet grass after rain or watering 
- Always use a sharp knife 
- To collect grass clippings whenever possible 
- Only one-third of the grass length Trim 
- Do not Trim the szártövet 

Shear failures, and explained:

- If, after clipping a light-toned (yellow-green) color of the grass - it was too high and too low to mow. 
- Lean shorn grass - blunt knife; önjárós fűnyírónknak too low a speed. 
- Bare storage - improper cutting height, rough surface. 
- Csúcsbarnulás - mowing the grass was wet. 

Natural nutrients of the earth Alginit!

The alginate fossil and biomass decomposed basalt rocks and diversity of high lime content of organic matter, which occurred 3-5 million years ago a volcanic crater filled with lakes and lagoons enclosed sea. Because of the high organic matter content is considered a type of oil shale. Important physical properties that can bind 0.5-1.0 liters per kilogram. 

What qualities do you have? 

- Improves acidic soils because lime to reduce soil pH, lime provides a replacement. 
- Improves soil structure, which will mold the clay and lime in the presence of a granular friable. 
- Improve management of water resources. 1 kg of alginate 1.3 -1.7 liters of water can absorb, retain and gradually transferred to plants, such as plants, water and nutrient supply is leveled. Improve the soil's water and nutrient supplying capacity, temperature, can be reduced or waived for irrigation. 
- The alginate minerals nutrients to different ions bind, and if needed give off the plant, to prevent leaching of soil loss, compaction. The biological activity of moist, loamy soil organisms strongly favored environment increases the high clay content of alginate, thereby improving the soil maturity termõképességét. 
- Being environmentally friendly materials, organic farming is a potential leader preparations. 

The use of plant and fruit production 

- Improving soil quality single administration in its first year will increase by 20-30% in soil fertility, earlier maturation, resulting in better quality. Clay minerals is utilized by the fertilizer better, reduces soil phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium ground water leaching into watercourses. It works 4-6 years. Since alginate is a natural product, unlimited storage time, can not be overdosed, singeing or higher doses may not cause harmful effects.
- Subscribe to our land as a mixture. Other natural materials (zeolite, perlite, peat, basalt) mixed with chemical-free, high-efficiency natural blend has been produced. The use of alginate and potted ornamental plants, garden plastic tunnels in forcing, yield, quality increase. 
- Starterként. Fruit trees, forest wood species used in the planting hole starterként secure megeredést, 6-13% volume growth and 20% faster development results, and to a lesser extent of extinction. 
- Suspension for spraying pesticide spraying in the fall alginites cleansing effect and helps the trees overwintering, spring remover spray cleaned off the pests, strengthen before rügybontás. Under the effect of spraying vegetation grow on trees, grape letter of magnesium, manganese, iron, copper, zinc amount tastier fruits, higher calcium levels, improved shelf-life.