This year celebrates the 30th anniversary MOGÉP Inc! All of our online partners and vásárlónknak thank you for your past, your trust, and we are confident that in the future you will be satisfied with us!

/ 2013-02-12 / 

New prices are valid from April 1!

/ 2012-04-01 / 

Included in the catalogs have long been produced WESTWOOD knives!

/ 2011-02-20 / 

Second half of 2010 continued expansion of product palette!

Were produced including:

- AL-KO 37.5 cm 2009


- MTD 19 "SP48, P48BM, SPK48 mulch.

- MTD 19 "4817, MX48E, YM1719E mulch.

- MTD GES 53, RB 53, 53SP, HB 53RB, CPG 53, 5053SP BL wing

- MTD 92.0 cm 2 knives left-to-right, JE130, -150, -135, SE135A, "E" deck

- MTD 102.0 cm 2 knives left-to-right, E130, E165, EH145, "N" deck

- MTD 105.0 cm 2 knives left-to-right, JN155A, P180, EP180

/ 2010-08-24 / Updated


Now you can easily store hanging rack is fűnyírókéseinket. Akasztófület ask when ordering, we will send you a package. Simply remove the protective film from the adhesive surface, fold it in half and ready to go!

For more information, please inquire by phone.

/ 2010-05-20 / 

Constant prices in 2010 as well!

Our prices for the year 2010 are not changed, so you can continue the July 2009 price list remains valid. The list price of the new product 2010th expanded in February. 
Current price lists is still available in the Downloads menu.

/ 2010-02-25 /