Orders, receiving orders

1 In the case of supplier product list purchase order by Buyer in writing (e-mail, via Web site "Contact menu", fax, letter) in (in person, by telephone) Supplier has received or transferred ordering, give the type of product required (part number, description); quantity, price, and shipping method desired deadline. Supplier within one business day to confirm in writing or orally, and then performs a acknowledgment by.

2 If you order an individual (other than the list of products), product, or manufacture of transport on the basis of the order price make an offer: price, quantity, quality, export, shipping method, date and place of delivery, method and time limit for payment, which shall be sent indicating the Purchaser for approval.

3 The offer will be considered accepted if Buyer has officially signed returns Supplier within eight working days.

Transportation, manufacturing

1 If the list of ordering products, transport provided within one working day of the Customer's order, in which:

- If by mail, package delivery mailed,

- If courier delivery courier package to pass 

- If customer's own shipping cost transfer of customer premises or his representative parties - FCA Gyor

- In the case of private transport freight, cost of customer premises pass  DDU customer's premises - to be understood.

2 Production, based on the price agreed to in writing by sending a purchase order, it does not start.

3 If the net value of the goods ordered 10.000, - HUF is equal to the shipment arrange transport at their own expense.

4 If the net value of the goods ordered 10.000, - HUF can not reach the postal delivery cash on delivery, (1583, - EUR / package) Buyer's expense.

Payment Methods and Terms

1 Against the value of the goods 
- In cash
- By bank transfer
- Cash on delivery (paid for courier service)
- Forward references, serving as invoice cost (proformaszámla)
be compensated.

2 After the performance issues a transport bill. Buyer shall pay the Supplier in consideration of the pre-agreed and specified in the order confirmation manner and within the time limit. Unless otherwise agreed, the general payment term of 14 calendar days from the relevant invoice date, during which the consideration of the Supplier's bank account credit for wins.
3 The case of late payment, default Buyer shall pay interest in accordance with applicable law.

More information: Terms and Conditions of Sale