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   Our enterprise was established in 1983. Our  main activity is  knife construction of lawn-mowers, agricultural harvester machines, reapers, chamfer scythes.
For  the base material of our products we use hot-rolled spring steel as a quality of 51 CrV 4, or we use improvable steel, with a rate characteristic of 42-46 HRC.  The construction  is based on the strength of original schemes or models.
We put almost 22% of our annual production  to account in the field of the European Union with our English, German, Czech and Slovakian partners.

   Beyond our own products, the lawn-mower, stem pounder, shredder, silo parts etc., we put the German Ratioparts GmbH’s whole products into circulation as well.
Ratioparts Europe is a specialist in the marketleader spares part and appendages,presently it offers more than 60.000 spare parts and accessory products for horticultural, groomer of the ground,forestry and agricultural machines,equipment.

   In 2005 we introduced and now we run the quality-operated system that fits the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001,which , in our prospects promotes  our lawn-mower knives production even more, ensuring a good quality for our costumers.

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