We satisfy the customers' qualitative expectations.

Our manufacturer, supplier activity with the respect of the customers' quality politics and his quality aims, these we wish to make it in the interest of his realisation. Customers are always the first,and  it needs to make an effort for the satisfaction of customers by all circumstances. Product with a suitable quality, in proper time, onto the proper place, exactly in the ordered quantity, everything according to the customer's expectations.

In the interest of the achievement of our quality case,we worked out an MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 quality management system, we introduced it and we run what guarantees our products and the quality of our services, and his continuous development.

Our quality management system attestative organization:

We turn out our products - taken into consideration -, with the use of high-quality substances, on suitable machines with a perfect technical state, and the expediency and onto the reliable usage through suitability.

The quality management is the emphasized task and responsibility of our undertaking's leadership and each of his colleagues.

Our aim, that MOGÉP Ltd.’s  leadership and its concerned colleagues, know and understand our undertaking's quality politics objectives. All of our colleagues are responsible for the quality of his own work, and works in such a way that he contributes to our customers', our business partners' satisfaction. The satisfied customer is the basis of our business success.

We claim that establishing good, mutual relationships with our suppliers is one of our most important tasks.

We expect the steady, validly high-quality transport of products , the unobjectionable quality of the work made inside the frameworks of the sub-contractor activity, the development of their own quality management system. We wish to reach inside the framework of the good partner relation the identifying with MOGÉP Ltd. ’s quality aims.

We pledge ourselves the clear and ordered work environment, and besides the protection of the environmental values.
The MOGEP Ltd. regards its first-rate and most important task that keeps the achieved appreciation and acknowledgement at its customers with the last twenty years of its work, letting it keep its fame with the reliability of its products and quality.

Everything is supplied with the nomination of lasting (squeezed out) manufacturer and the production portion produced by MOGÉP Ltd. :

MOGÉP  Ltd.’s identifier